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Created 29-Jan-15
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New England Light. Exhibition at Sunflowers Restaurant in Jaffrey New Hampshire from January 28, 2015 through March 4, 2015. Come for the art and stay for the great food.
Sunflowers Restaurant, Jaffrey,Route 124, New HampshireCarolyn Greeting, Sunflowers, Jaffrey, NHCaptured Gold, Peterborough, NHLittle Birches, Roxbury, NHFarrier's Touch, Marlborough, NHInvitation, Hinsdale, NHGrazing the Fence, Alstead, NHMultnomah Falls, Dodson, Or.Whaleback Fire Portsmouth, NHBridge in the Storm, Keene, NHHay Rake Mist, Dummerston, VtGolden Bell, Spofford, NHBarn Light, Jaffrey, NHBucket Line, Westmoreland, NHYellow Veil, Granville, VtSwamp Color, Troy, NHPerkins Pond Spring, Troy, NHHubner Sunset, Chesterfield, NHStorm Over Harrisville, Harrisville, NHTranspire, Hancock, NH

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