Diane Krohn(non-registered)
Breathtaking photos like visiting New England in person.
Donna Campbell(non-registered)
So breath taking...Thanks for sharing
John Kelly(non-registered)
Beautiful photos. I'm relatively new to photography and your images are the type and quality I'm "shooting" for. Thanks.
John F. Osmond(non-registered)
Nice, very nice, I recognize some of your locations, Im a novice looking to improve and will register for you Class in Keene this April. Thank you.
After reading your article my knowledge has increased, not only that but the insight too as well. Thanks allot for this!
carolyn marsh(non-registered)
very Beautiful Photography captured awesome colours.
Very good photos I really admire your technique and vision of NH. It's a place I've always wanted to go and explore.
Tim Hayes(non-registered)
Jeffery... you are one prolific dude! If you were taking all these shots in one or two places over the span of one or two days, I could get my head around it. But the time traveling, and finding , and setting up, is amazing! And too have such a high number of "keepers" speaks to your talent. Well done.
Jan Hersey(non-registered)
My bro Jeff R put me onto your website and awesome photos. As a former East Coaster I've spent many years in your area (we first brought Jeff et al to visit us on the Nelson end of Nubanusit) and love revisiting through your photos. Was hoping to see the results of your eclipse photos. Are they not posted yet? I now live in WA state (rather photogenic itself!) and run into people who've never visited New England. I'll give them a taste through your photos and they'll likely book flights immediately! I'll be back for a longer (online) visit soon. Many thanks.
Marvellous artist.
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