19.Michael Lynn(non-registered)
I absolutely am in love with your photography. I want to learn how to do this here in Kentucky. I know it would take quite some time to learn it. I can start right where I'm at with my cheap Fuji and work up.
16.Johnny Solace(non-registered)
Pretty good article. I found your site perfect for many information. Thanks for sharing.
15.Linda Felder(non-registered)
Just beautiful!
14.jerry cobleigh(non-registered)
Amazing photos love them all
Fantastic website! Sorry I had not looked at it earlier.
All I can say is... WOW!
11.Partridge Brook Reflections : Jeffrey Newcomer
Zenfolio doesn't routinely allow downloading from the site, but I was able to change that for the Low Res images in my "Full Portfolio" group. You now should be able to open any image there and then right click to get the download option. Hope you enjoy.
Jeff Newcomer
10.Sharon McM(non-registered)
Jeff, I have loved your photographs for years, and have set many of them as background on my computer to brighten up my dreary little cubicle and give me a sense of being outdoors in New England while at work.
Unfortunately, now that you have updated your website, I cannot set anyof your beautiful pictures as background any more. Was that your intention?
Was I being illegal? If so, I didn't mean to be.
9.Alice Glass(non-registered)
Jeff, I really enjoyed reading your post on the New England Photography Guild about the ancient oaks. It was beautifully written, reminding us of our kinship with the world around us. I'm eager to explore your website.
8.Brian Shriver(non-registered)
The new website is really nice. I enjoyed perusing your blog for technical information as well ... as easy to read as your photographs are to look at. Thanks for the inspiration.
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