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Welcome to my web site which focuses on the beauty of New England through the eye and heart of one photographer.
I have recently completed over 30 years in a rewarding and challenging career as a physician practicing in New Hampshire and Vermont. During that time, as a member of the Conservation Commission in my home town of Chesterfield New Hampshire, I have used my photography to promote the appreciation and protection of the town's wild lands and this has triggered a much more comprehensive photographic exploration of unique character of our New England landscape. I am inspired by trips away from the region, but I always come back to my center. I invite you to share my journey of exploration of these special places.

I have always been interested in sharing what I have learned about digital photography in general and more specifically about capturing the magic of our corner of the world.  I have been dedicated to publishing a weekly blog on "Getting it Right in the Digital Camera", with over 400 articles to date, and offer courses and workshops on an expanding range of photographic topics. 


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Italy 2017

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Westmoreland NH

Holidays in New England

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Holidays in New England

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Seeing in Infrared

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Spring Green 2017

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Spring Green 2017

Spring Waterfall Workshop 5/17

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Spring Waterfall Workshop 5/17